Where do djs get their music reddit

The info below should supply you with all the music downloading resources you need. Record pools are the preferred option for working DJs as they often supply a regularly updated database of music stretching over many genres. The subscription-based payment system allows you to load up your library at a fraction of the cost, compared to purchasing tracks individually.

With monthly charts of the most downloaded songs and trending tracks picked by DJs in the know, DJCity is a great hub for staying connected to what's cool and in.

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BPM Supreme. Club Killers. Club Killers supplies a wide array of popular music with a heavy focus on EDM. The pool is stacked with exclusive remixes, bootlegs and DJ friendly edits all supplied by their team of professional touring DJs.

My MP3 Pool Online. Direct Music Service. DMS offers a great variety of DJ-friendly music. From re-drummed old classics for weddings to edits of current dance music for clubs.

where do djs get their music reddit

Their nice genre colour coded website makes loading up your crates with specific styles of music really convenient. Beat Junkies. All of the tracks are edited and ready to DJ with and as it's run by the Beat Junkies you'll also find a whole collection of scratch tools and battle breaks.

Digital Music Pool. A very detailed site offering you in-depth search functionality and access to current and archived charts. The site offers a good selection of popular genres, which are displayed in a practical layout to browse through.


Each upload has quick download links for each available downloadable version of the track, as well as displaying the BPM and Key info. Promo Only. A great source for current hits of all genres with audio and video options. The Promo Only App comes with a powerful set of preference options allowing you to fully customise the music that appears on your feed and the format you download in. Highly recommend visiting SmashVision if you're predominately playing video sets. Late Night Record Pool.

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The site is sorted into nice, neat categories making it easy to find what you're after, while the zip feature makes downloading all your selections a breeze.

A very wide array of music, maybe the only site that contains Christian, Gospel, and Jazz categories. Choose all the files you want then download in chunks with the zip feature. Not the most cost-effective option if you're looking to bulk up on lots of music, however great if you're searching for one little gem that you can't find on your current record pool. Both have huge databases of music stretching over every genre imaginable.

These sites should be your first places to start if you're having trouble tracking down a particular tune. Not only are these sites excellent for finding specific tracks but also for discovering new music through as you're presented with similar suggestions.

Do note that these stores aren't aimed at DJs and won't contain many extended or intro versions of tracks.

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The go-to spot for many electronic music orientated DJs. You can trawl through the depths of Beatport finding cuts no one else has or get familiar with a genre by visiting the renowned Beatport charts. Juno Download. Juno has just about everything in the world of electronic music available for download.

They have an on point selection of underground dance music, Grime, Hip Hop and everything in between. They also have great reviews. Stalk what music your favourite artist is feeling, discover new producers, download a whole bunch of music not to be found anywhere else All for free!You might hear a track by a DJ and not hear it again for another 6 months. But they also play older tracks that you would never find. Uploading your music to SoundCloud is like living in the Matrix. There are no DJ playlists or top listings.

The repost function is becoming more and more of a stock exchange among popular artists. You need to dig to find what you are looking for. That being said there are still some great tracks on SoundCloud and only on SoundCloud. Go here to check out SoundCloud.

Beatport was once the largest digital DJ music store in the world. Beatport has also become unreliable for making payments to artists on the platform. What used to be the holy grail of dance music is now a financial mess. The best thing about Beatport is the sound quality of the tracks and the many dance music genres.

Go here to check out Beatport. This is one of my favorites and probably the least known. The best way? Give it a shot at your next rave or festival you will be surprised. Download Shazam here. Traxsource is the underground music store. If you are into Techno and House music this is a good place to look. Go here to check out Traxsource. DemoDrop also allows you to download those tracks as long as you support or upvote the producer.

Please visit their official website for more information and create an account.I have a ton of music, but it is all dumped on my hard drive. When I used CDs and even back in my vinyl days, I knew where everything was, so if I needed an idea, I would just flip through and something would jump out at me quickly. Can you help? I have tried all types of music organisation techniques over the years, and realised that there are some principles that — however you decide to do it — can make the daunting task seem less so, and ultimately move you beyond vinyl and CD systems into having a digital music organisation system that works great.

So here are some time-trusted techniques for taming a digital music collection, with special emphasis on helping DJs coming from a vinyl or CD background. When you start thinking about your files, folders and playlists the same way vinyl and CD DJs think about their physical collections, you reap the benefits of digital and negate the drawbacks.

where do djs get their music reddit

Above all of this, just listening to your music is the most important thing of all. Did you struggle with digital music in your move from digital to vinyl? How did you get around the issues? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

His DJ career has taken him from a year residency in Manchester, England, to the main room at Privilege in Ibiza - the world's biggest club.

He is also an award-winning club promoter, and has taught music tech and DJing since He regularly speaks at DJ seminars and events worldwide. Copy Link Copied! Last updated 26 March, When it comes to organising your music, use something else. For most people it is iTunesbecause the work you do in there shows in your DJ software seamlessly. Put your soul into choosing those tunes. This will force you to think harder about your music choices ahead of time, and stop the blanking and scrolling syndrome you speak of Have less music — Your collection is almost definitely too big.

With digital, everything tends to get lumped together. Worse, you tend to collect much more as digital files are cheaper and take up less no room. A lean, mean music collection keeps you focused on quality, so regularly prune stuff out. Oh, and keep all non-DJing music out of iTunes entirely.

With digital, you can use all of these and more.And while the majority of DJ music can now be bought and downloaded from Beatport and the like, clearly making such stores the go-to places online to make tune purchases, there still are a few places that you can legally download music for free. Here are a few ideas:. Pros: Burgeoning community of music producers and listeners, lots of free originals, remixes and bootlegs to be had, explosive growth.

The indie-friendly storefront continues to thrive in a music streaming landscape because it gives producers and labels the ability to setup shop for free, allowing them to give away music, charge a set fee, or ask for donations. Pros: Lots of new, independent producers and record labels here, beautiful and simple store design makes it easy to preview and download tracks or full albums. Pros: Music in exchange for your e-mail allows you to support the artist in a non-monetary way, lots of different genres to choose from.

7 Places To Legally Download Free DJ Music

Cons: Multiple newsletters from different artists can be annoying, no popular tunes and producers here. Though not necessarily aimed at DJs and music lovers, Jamendo is a site that offers tons of music as free downloads. Pros: Easy search option lets you go through its large collection, music downloads are free without the need for signing up.

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One of the first legal music download sites online, Soundclick continues to be a repository for independent artists and bands, but there are some good electronic and hip-hop tunes to be had in this service today if you can get around the outdated MySpace-era interface. Pros: Totally free music downloads once you sign up. One of the oldest music sites around with a large library of different types of music.

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Pros: Straight from the source of your favourite producers and DJs, a chance to get exclusive music and samplers through contests and promos. I was surprised when researching this article to find that there are now only a handful of quality, legal sources left for free tunes. As DJs, our sets are only as good as the music we select. Where do you download your music? Are there any free, legal sites that you can recommend to our readers?

Or are you very much content with the convenience of paid sites like iTunes and Beatport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. A DJ sincehe ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too.

where do djs get their music reddit

Copy Link Copied! Last updated 27 March,Well my answer is LimeWire! Totally joking but unlike the past years, it is not an issue to reach any type of music over the web anymore, since there is so much competition between companies and websites serving thousands of tracks to public.

What is a record pool? You can find tons of remixes, as well as the original, clean edits, videos, acapellas, instrumentals and music with intros 8 bar. That is after you get a subscription. They also have a blog where they inform you of new technology and news in the music world.

BPM Supreme —Features a trendy, diverse selection of the latest and greatest new records released. One of the most diverse record pools. They have a great selection for alternative, new wave, and rock plus everything else. They to have an awesome blog with loads of music information. The list goes on!

Where To Get Music

Top 3 Sites The top 3 sites I personally use. Price: Six subscription options. You pay x amount for x amount of downloads. These record pools also carry top charts to share with you!

Where Do DJ’s Get Their Music? (2017)

Categories: DJ Corona Blog. Leave a comment Cancel reply Name.By far one of the most important parts of been a DJ is the music. As a DJ you will constantly be looking to get fresh tracks to incorporate into your DJ sets.

One of the big questions though is where do DJs get their music. Acquiring your music is a two-stage process, you need to know what music you want and then be able to actually get that music. Learning the intricacies of a track is a rewarding experience. There are a lot of ways you can expand your musical horizons to find those brand new tracks. Discovering and using new music is at the heart of the DJ lifestyle. Soundcloud has a reputation as a hotbed of both established talent and also up and coming talent.

Following your favourite artists on Soundcloud is a great way to keep up to date with their new releases. Sometimes established artists will also offer remixes or original tracks for free download to use in your own DJ sets. There are a lot of independent artists on Soundcloud as well. One drawback of Soundcloud is the limited search functionality. You can only search by genre when on the discovery path so those hidden gems can be a little difficult to find.

Youtube has grown from funny animal videos to a literal monster platform for video content and the music industry has taken notice. Every major artist has some form of presence on Youtube making it a great way to discover new music.

where do djs get their music reddit

By following your favourite artists or record labels you can search through an extensive back catalogue of releases. Additionally, the suggested videos can often lead you to discover similar music from other artists. There is also a plethora of mixes with tracklists available from not only the big name DJs but also from hobby DJs.

Several of the major festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival will also upload their shows to Youtube. This allows you to see what tracks the hottest DJs are currently playing. Of course, be prepared to have to sit through ads unless you subscribe to Youtube Red or run Ad Blocker software.

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Spotify and other similar services are also a great way to discover new music. The streaming era continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year replacing the need to physically own the music you enjoy. Streaming services like Spotify are a great resource for DJs.

Many artists and record labels will have playlists that they update with the freshest music.How do DJs assemble such large music collections? Do they buy all their music in albums or individually and do they get discounts?

Most club DJ's belong in record pools where they pay dues and in return they get a weekly collection of promotional records to break out in their clubs. In return, the DJ's have to give feedback on whether or not a certain tune packs a floor or clears it out.

Even though vinyl still is used in clubs, things are transforming as CD's and mp3's are starting to become in favor. My mom DJ's at her bar and she borrows some from other DJs and puts it on our laptop and just gives them back. But, she does buy quite a few. JS get their music from the record company. They by them by looking for bargins like in used CD shops.

It is illegal to to play songs that you have not purchased. They do check too. Nick C. Answer Save. I can speak from a dance music background Amanda H. We join those clubs where they send you 12 CDs for a penny using fake names. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Tranquilty Lv 5.

They don't do theirselfmusics or they don't get musics ;they play with the singers musics. Kayla F Lv 6. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.